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2022        Grandma, I don't want to go to sleepillustrated children’s book written by Richard Ceasor, Ceasor Press Publishing

2018        Maya and Annie on Saturdays and Sundaysillustrated children’s book written by Gwendolyn Zepeda, Piñata Press

2015        The Place Where You Live, illustrated children’s book written by James Luna, Piñata Press

2014        Poetry on the Move, "In Defense of Tamales", illustrated poem by Carmen Tafolla, Tribute to Poetry Month, Via Metropolitan Transit bus posters

2014        Cecilia and Miguel Are Best Friends, illustrated children’s book written by Diane Gonzales Bertrand, Piñata Press -

                     Skipping Stone Multicultural Honor Award, Included in the 2014 Tejas Star Reading List - Best 20 Latino Children’s Books from 2014

2012        My Big Sister, illustrated children’s book written by Samuel Caraballo, Piñata Press - Included in the 2013 Tejas Star Reading List

2012        Rebozos, book design, written by Carmen Tafolla, Wings Press

2011        Clara and the Curandera, illustrated children’s book written by Monica Brown, Piñata Press - Included in the 2012 Tejas Star Reading List

2011        Curandera, illustrated book of poetry by Carmen Tafolla, First edition 1983, Santa Monica College Press. Second Edition, 2011, Wings Press

2010        Tamales, Comadres, and the Meaning of Civilization, designed and collaborated with authors Ellen Riojas Clark and Carmen Tafolla, First Edition, 2009,

                      Second Edition, Wings Press, 2010

2010        Semillitas, illustrated seven bilingual storybooks for young children, Intercultural Development Research Association

2009        The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans, short stories by Carmen Tafolla, Wings Press, cover design  - Tomas Rivera Book Award

2003        National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): "Young Children and Play" by Derry Koralek, illustrations

1999        Sombrilla Magazine, The University of Texas at San Antonio, CASE Award, design

1992        Sonnets to Human Beings, a book of poetry by Carmen Tafolla, U. of Osnabrück, Germany, Osnabrück Bilingual Editions, illustrations

1986        Saguaro, a journal of Chicano literature, Univ. of Arizona Press, cover illustration

1983        To Split A Human: Mitos, Machos y la Mujer Chicana, a nonfiction book by Carmen Tafolla, Mexican American Cultural Center, cover illustration

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